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About Me

Amy Pitts - Advocate & Educational Consultant, Since 2017

Amy Pitts

Advocate & Educational Consultant 

I obtained my Bachelor in Criminal Justice from University of South Carolina and worked in law enforcement. As years went by I felt led to make a change. I went back to school and earned my Master of Arts in Teaching in Special Education from the College of Charleston. Upon graduation, I taught as a highly qualified Special Education Teacher in South Carolina, but years later I had my son and felt compelled to stay home to care for his medical needs. Once moving to Georgia, I worked part time at McKenna Farms Therapy Services and as the Parent Mentor for the Paulding County School District. Later, I was given the opportunity to work full time at McKenna Farms and soon became their first Client Resource Manager. 


I have attended the Wrightslaw Special Education Law & Advocacy Training multiple times and completed Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) Seat 1.0. I continue to participate in multiple webinars to advance my knowledge in advocacy for specific areas of eligibility. I've worked closely with my son’s Educational Advocate and have her support to continue this venture.

Since 2017, I have supported numerous families in the application process. My amazing son, even though he has various diagnoses, has been Katie Beckett Medicaid eligible since the day he was born. I have single handedly completed all of his applications and re-applications in Georgia. Without this amazing Medicaid waiver, our family would have been severely impacted financially and he would not have received the amazing care, nor the therapy he needed to help him thrive. 

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